Miyavi Competition!!!

Join the miyavi prize competition and win an exclusive item signed by miyavi himself.

During the interview we held with miyavi, he signed a special item for his fans at JaME: a special tumbler (insulated travel cup) with the cover of the MYV☆POPS album printed on it, but instead of the mug being labelled as MYV☆POPS it says MYV☆CUPS! (miyavi‘s joke). This is a very special limited edition item, which is not available in stores.

One lucky fan will win the signed mug. But of course you’ll have to do something for it!
Therefore JaME have put together a special competition and the winner will receive the MYV☆CUPS prize! To enter the contest all you have to do is make a fan video about Miyavi.

You can do anything you want, for example you could dress up like miyavi and make a fan video of one of his PV’s, or maybe you could create your own miyavi music video or even make an animation. Be creative!


Videos that break any of the rules below will be excluded from the contest.

* You cannot use any photos, video material or other images of miyavi in your fan video.
* You cannot use any of miyavi’s recorded music in your fan video. Copyrighted music by other artists is also not allowed. However, playing/singing miyavi‘s songs yourself is allowed.
* No overly abusive language is allowed
* No sexually explicit content is allowed
* If the video contains text or speech, it should be in English.
* Do not make the movie more than five minutes long

You can send in your videos until the 16th of November 2006. Soon after the closing date we will select a winner based on originality, creativity and overall look.

Send in your video to: miyavi_contest@jmusiceuropa.com. Please don’t send the video as an attachment, but send us a link to where we can download it (for example yousendit.com).
For questions you can also send an email to miyavi_contest@jmusiceuropa.com.
Please use English in your email!

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