Kay (The Netherlands)
Team manager. PR, News, Artist files, Articles
Translations: Dutch, English, French, German & a little Japanese

I’m the one who’s managing the English version, and surprisingly I’m not living in an English speaking country.
Although I got into Japanese music through visual kei, I’m listening to more kinds of Japanese music now. However, my favorite band is still Jinkaku Radio and next to that I really like Remioromen, Hirakawachi Icchome, Ketsumeishi, Soroban, Brahman, Aurora, Fumiya Fujii, Babamania and Yoshii Lovinson.

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Cynthia (United States)
News, Artist files, Articles, Reviews

I was introduced to Jmusic in 2004 and have been hooked since. Even though I mainly listen to rock, I also listen to a variety of other music genres. My top favorite artists are La Vie En Rose and MUCC.

See what I listen to on my last.fm profile.

Dizzy Cage XIII (United Kingdom)
Artist Files, Tracklists
Translations: English, German and a limited amount of Japanese.

Greetings! I first stumbled across Japanese music around 4-5 years ago with the help of a dear friend. Initially I only listened to J-Rock and this is still my main love of all Japanese music although I have branched out into R’n’B, Pop, Techno etc. As and when I have the resources, I travel to Europe to attend gigs but I will be unable to do that as frequently once I start University in September studying Japanese.

Some of my favourite bands include… Dir en grey, FEEL SO BAD, MUCC, SID, gazette.

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Sarah (United States)
Reviews manager, Artist files

I have been listening to Japanese music for a few years now, having been introduced to it through a mixture of techno-pop and visual kei. My tastes lay more towards the rock side with SID and Merry as my favourite bands, peppered with interests in numerous visual kei indie bands and some much more well known stars such as Suga Shikao.

Kiri (United Kingdom)
Artist files, Reviews

My interest in Japanese music began about six years ago when L’Arc en Ciel, Ayumi Hamasaki and X Japan waltzed into my life. Since then it is a passion that has grown into many areas of Japanese music (including enka!!) although my main love will always be Visual Kei. Some of my favourite artists are Merry, MUCC, Kagerou, NewS, SMAP, Southern All Stars, AKFG, SID, KuRt, Olivia Lufkin and X Japan.

Last.fm: psychoballerina
Livejournal: gothicmaidchii

Bow (United States)
Artist files, Reviews

I was introduced to Japanese a few years ago by a total stranger. At that time, it was love at first listen! My favorite bands are L’Arc~en~Ciel, Sons of All Pussys, Gackt, Kagrra, TETSU69, Buck Tick,and Merry, but I seem to discover a new one ever day.
It seems to me that a lot of Japanese artists are afraid to market themselves outside of Japan, but I want to change that! I’d like to promote Japanese music, and build strong fanbases, so that our favorite artists won’t be afraid to make that leap.

Lacy (United States)
Artist files, Reviews

I’ve been listening to Japanese music for going on five years. My interest started out with bands and artists like Gackt, Dir en grey, Pierrot, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Takui, hide, Plastic Tree, La’Cryma Christi, Ken Hirai and Buck-Tick.

It just snowballed from there. I like just about all genres and my three favorites bands/artists are: Hyde, Merry and deadman. Other favorites include: D’espairsRay, Dir en grey, Alice Nine, L’Arc~en~Ciel, AnCafe, camino, D, Nightmare, Gazette, Doremidan, and Panic Channel.

Poke me on livejournal: idoitforlove
Or at my evil twin’s and my shared last.fm: shou-kun

Chantel (United States)
Artist files, Reviews

I started listening to Japanese music about 5 years ago when I stumbled upon a drawing of Gackt and thought to myself, “Who is this person?” Once I did some research, listened to some songs, and started sampling other bands and artists, I was hooked.

I listen to a pretty good variety of music and love hard rock as much as I love oshare. My favorite bands/artists include Dir en grey, Alice Nine, Kozi, AnCafe, and Blood. However, I also love Kagrra, Lareine, D’espairsRay, Scissor, Vinett, Plastic Tree, goatbed, and way too many others to name.

Livejournal: faerionette
LastFM [also used by my twin]: shou-kun

Hanaki (United Kingdom)
Artist files

I started listening to Japanese music through anime Op and Ed, and one particular song by Pierrot got me hooked on Jrock ever since I was about 12. Seven years onwards, I listened to many other genre and songs(Japanese, Korean, French) too but my passion lies with Jrock. I like playing the guitar and the bass and enjoy making music in my free time. Some of my fave bands are: MUCC, The Back Horn, Vidoll, The gazettE, Kagrra, D’espairsRay

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