Join the JaME team

Are you interested in helping the English team out? We can always use some help, especially with the news and artist files.

Working for JaME mostly involves researching, writing and translating.
We would like someone who knows more then just English, preferably French or German. Japanese is a plus too, but in this case French & German is more valuable. Another task will be beta-reading other people’s work.
We’re looking for people that are interested in more aspects of Japanese music then only one genre and are interested to learn more.

We are a big team, so therefore you have to be able to work with other people, and next to that, you have to work on a somewhat regular basis.

If you’re interested, drop us a note here.

Please include the following:

-Some information about yourself, such as age and location.
-Why you want to join the team, what your ambitions to work for JaME are.
-A top 5 of your favorite artists.
-A preview of your writing, such as a biography or a review.

“Freelance” writer

JaME UK/USA/Canada is searching for freelance reviewers!

We’re looking to review every item in our database to become the #1 stop for fans looking for J-music reviews. This is in hopes of offering a more complete experience to our users.

If you think you’re able to review items professionally and on neutral ground, send us some of your work. If we deem it good enough, we’ll post it on our site. We will only be posting one review per CD/DVD, so jump on the ones you’d like to review early! However, if you have a review that TOTALLY contradicts an existing one and you think the release in question deserves a SECOND OPINION, you may send one in so that we can give our readers two different opinions.

To see which items have been reviewed, just go to the artist page in question and check their discography. If there is a little “page” icon next to a release, that is a review!

You can choose the format yourself: you can review the item per song, or as a whole. Do keep in mind that the review has to be suitable for both fans and record companies.

While submitting your review, please mention if you have any problems with us displaying your email address next to your name in the review. Also, it is a good idea to attach the corresponding cover art to your email as well.

Email your reviews (or any questions about them) to sarah@jmusiceuropa.com.

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