Exclusive Interview With Miyavi

JaME were recently invited to conduct an exclusive interview with miyavi in Japan. During the interview, we took the opportunity to ask him plenty of questions, including some about the release of his new album. MIYAVI Interview(August 4th, 2006) It was a muggy Sbouno August day in Tokyo, when I made the journey to JR […]

Exclusive Interview with Yoshiki

JaME recently had the opportunity to have a brief interview with Yoshiki, on the evening of the final night of JRock Revolution. JaME met with Yoshiki, the mastermind of the JRock Revolution event, in his dressing room at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California. The star was gracious enough to grant us an interview […]

Interview with Alice Nine. at JRock Revolution

JaME held a brief interview with alice nine. before their American debut as part of the JRock Revolution event in Los Angeles, California. Popular PS Company band alice nine. took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a few of our questions the day before their performance. Casually dressed, the five member band […]

Interview with Vidoll at JRock Revolution

Vidoll spoke with JaME the day before their American debut about their upcoming singles, America, and instant ramen. JaME was given the opportunity to speak with popular visual-kei band Vidoll the day before their performance at the Wiltern in Los Angeles as part of the JRock Revolution Event held at the end of May. — […]


JaME’s Principle Objective The prime objective of JaME is to spread the popularity of contemporary Japanese music to the people of Europe and America. JaME’s principal tool for this task is of course our famous internet sites and Second Objective Our second objective involves assisting Japanese artists to make connections and associations within […]


Kay (The Netherlands) Team manager. PR, News, Artist files, Articles Translations: Dutch, English, French, German & a little Japanese I’m the one who’s managing the English version, and surprisingly I’m not living in an English speaking country. Although I got into Japanese music through visual kei, I’m listening to more kinds of Japanese music now. […]


Join the JaME team Are you interested in helping the English team out? We can always use some help, especially with the news and artist files. Working for JaME mostly involves researching, writing and translating. We would like someone who knows more then just English, preferably French or German. Japanese is a plus too, but […]

Miyavi Competition!!!

Join the miyavi prize competition and win an exclusive item signed by miyavi himself. During the interview we held with miyavi, he signed a special item for his fans at JaME: a special tumbler (insulated travel cup) with the cover of the MYV☆POPS album printed on it, but instead of the mug being labelled as […]